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Full text of "Muscle Shoals Baptist Association Minutes 1867"

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SJAMfOWD U3<TV f E f RSI r iy 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Muscle Shoals Baptist Association 

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" "i I 

: Clawrenoe county, Alabama.. 

From thev Fourth to the Seventh of October, 1867 







• ■*■/ 

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..'..;, ' -.MINUTES- / . :: , , 

The Muscle Shoals Baptist Association met will, the Moulton church, 
on Friday t£ 4th day of October, 1867, being its 48th annual session 
The inner Moderator. Elder J. Gunn, called the body to order. The 
former SlrkbeTne absent, Elder J. O. Roberts was appointed Clerk pro 
tZ L I) 'MassenKale and Elder J. Shackelford were appointed as 
reading^c^. Slaters iron the various churclu* — e then . pr- 
inted and read, and the names of cnroLe.l. 

Elder J. Gunn wa. elected Moderator, and Eldei J- U ^™£ £ eT *' 
. ' The following committees were then announced by the Moderator 

*£Z^«2Z£~* -ported the order o, previous meet- 

iu ?j„ w S i r;;o o mioX ,n Kuc,s w e « j* «., ** « **<>-** 

'TlECm KusseM.le, Franklin county, by tb. Lund, of Elder E. J. 
Jennings, G. W. Hurley and J. 0. Vincent. 

A letter from Mount Morab, by the hands oi W. H. Br,ananaj. 

MC A feuer from Wv Project, Winston co., oy the hands of Wm. God- 
sev John Godsey and James Hood. .• • ' 

A letter fron/Mt. Nebo, by the hands of D. M. Chambhss, . W- A. 
Thompson, J. W. Pounders. i '•• •• .- :...:--- 

■ The following: committees were then announced : ; : .^-- • ', 

h Sn &bba>h Vchools ; Elder Jos. . Shackelford, S. M. Steeoson and 

j \y ITcrrinff. - ■•-— ■"■' v - ■ ■ ' *■*- 

: ' On Documents; R. J. Jennings, lIill,,Wm Hightower. 
\ On State of Religion ; J. N. Thompson, M. A. \ erser. 

On Finance ; C. Gibson and J. D. Inman. li-^l^Wu 

On Ddmestic Missions ; Elder R. J. Jennings, L. I>. MasLengale. 
On Education ; J. B. Spcake, W. A. Gilbert. i?A m «t« 1n*ti 

A committee was appointed on the state of tho Baptist female Insti- 
tute at Moulton, as follows : J. Gunn, C. Gibson, W. W. Pearson, lu D. 
MjiHSpnwnle W F Orr. and J. Shackelford. g 

Called for letters of correspondence, upon which one was received ^from 
the Liberty Association, by the hand of A. Honk, who was inv.ted to a 
seat with us.* . 





j-wMJ- 1 ff 

The Asocial ion t|,<-n adjourned tu hall-past eight o'clock, Saturday 
morning. Prayer by J. Kitchens. J 

4 At night, Ekkr J. Gutiu delivered an Introductory by i.peeiai annoint- 

ment. - l X1 


Saturday morning S 12 o'clock. Met pursuant to adjournment — 
I rayer by Elder Wm. Stockton. Head and corrected Minuter, of the 
previous day. 

The Committee on the State of Religion reported as follows : 

Your committee on tho S tale t,f Religion beg leave to submit the following re- 
port: Ou examining the letters from the various churchos, wo find very cheering news 
to every cbn.muu. 'ibcro have been nianv conversions in tho bounds of the Asso- 
ciation dunug tbd present year ; wo also find tho aggregato of accessions to tho 
different churches to be fivo hundred nud two. 

Brethren, v should feel vcrj grateful to God for the great work of couvorting 
«sn7 souls: in reclaiming many siuuers from tho way of darkness and making 
them the tbild en of light. May Una gloriou* work coutiuuc until the wfcolo world 
chall lis coir, utul tu Viotl. Rcspcctfullv, 

J AMEii II. THOMPSON, Chairman. 

The Association then appointed messengers to corresponding Aesocia- 
tions, as follows : ' 

.jarson, R. J. 
Jennings, J. T>. Inman. 

To the Genera! Association of North Alabama; Jos. Shackelford, L. 
D. Maaeengale, J. T: lucaan, W. A. Gilbert, C. Gibson, B. J. Jennings, 
J. Gunn, 11. A. Terser, J. C. Vincent, T. Joues, II. W. Mays, J. Y. Sbo'e- 
maker,-Z. Freeman. 

On mr.tion, the District meetings in the bounds of this Association 
^ere discontinued. • • 

The fo!Iowiogiet,o!ution \?aa then offered by Elder Jos. Shackelford, 
ind adopted : Sesolv&d, That the 2iat day of November proximo 1 be act 
tpart as a day of thanksgiving and prayer to God for his spiritual and 
temporal blessings during the past Association al year. 

Br. L. D. Massengale offered a resolution recommending the Christian 
H«rald to the favorable consideration and reception of th6 Baptists of 
North Alabama, as well as throughout tho laud ; which was adopted. 

Hoport on Documents called for and presented as follows : 

Your committee on Pocumcuts report that tbey find nothing of importance ex- 
cept the request of Hopewoll and Sbiloh churches, desiring tbe Association to meet 
w ;-.!. iiem ht its nextscosiou. Rospoctfully submitted, 

K. J. JENNINGS, Chairman. 

Oil motion, it wa« rewired that this Association bold its next session 
-vi< lj the Jlopcwoll church, Morgan county, commencing on Friday before 
V Sabbath in Orf.tbcr, l$f»8. Elder Jon. Sliarkelford <o m-ha^h the 


Introductory, Elder R. J. 
writ© tbo Circular Letter 

.Teunincs Alternate.. I.. I*. Ma*a<ngi!f 

The Association then called for the reading of the Circular Uttw,*! 
-written by Elder J. Gunn, which was road and received, asd traftlftiwj 
to tho Editor of the Christian Ilerald for publication. 

Upon motion, in tho absence of alottcv from Ml. Zion in M., Elder 4. 
N. Thompson was received as a dclegtito from said church. 

Br. G. W. Hargctt then presentod tho following query: "Has a nujor- 
ity of a church tho right, to exclude a member from her fellowship ; if bo, 
has a majority tho right to rostoro to fellowship ?" which was answered 
as follows: A majority may exclude, but to recti ve or restore a member 
the church should bo unanimous. 

Tho chairman of the committco on Education offered hi?, report, which, 
after an animated discussion, was adopted, as follows : • * , 

Tbo subject of Education at thii tinin is t.f vital importance, and dcinandj our 
ecrioua consideration, nnd ealls for a united effort of alt claw** I* fngage tea:ti.T 
in the great und noble cause of disseminating kuowledfe-awong (Urn »»««. So- 
ciety is being revolutionized. The form of religious worship probably may ht» 
changed. Tho fundamental principles of free government an; passing through n 
f earful ordeal j the cod of which, the profoundest statesman and noblest patriot 
cannot 9ee. In a truly Demooratic government, in which the people rule, tho masses 
should bo so educated that tncy can understand the principles of government ; 
otherwiso they will be misled by demagogues and fanatics, ami run into despotism 
and anarchy. We consider that a common and practical education is in tho reach 
of almost every individual, if parent? will discharge their duty. We would urge, 
therefore, that primary and common schools bo built up aud fostered in every 
neighborhood; in these, the mind is trained and its powers devclopad ; hero the ini- 
tiatory steps are taken tbnt will result in much anil Vesting goo.l, as the mind ex- 
pands"! the desire for knowledge will increase, until the aspiriug youth will be fitted 
and qualified for all stations of life. »Vo believe that more good will bo accom- 
plished, in the main, in tho common English schools, than in any other, as all tho 
classon may bo beneficiaries of tbtm ; yet wo would encourage high schools, in 
which tho classics and Hcieisc*d uro laugh t to perfection. We should have a learned 
Ministry who can preach tho <"«oepei vitl pow..r and demonstration, aud wlvJ C»u 
meet error in all its beiuom-nesa and d iormtty, nnd the. way to G*r}ure this object 
is to havo an enlightened and intelligent "laity. The b,.ypin«bu of individuals, the 
good of society, the prosperity and stability of government, tho advancement of 
a puro and unadulterated Christianity, all depend much upon education. Wo deem 
it thcreforo, of tbo highest importance that our minds-, energies nr.d resource* be 
directed to that object. Respectfully, «*• ft. Si'K.\KK, <;h'm. 

The Association then adjourned to half past one o'clock, tl.iu evening. 
Prayer by Elder Win. ILightower. ... 

The President of the Boo id of Trustees or the Baptist Female %.ti 
tute, at Moulton, prosented his annual report, which, upon motion, was 
received, and referred to a special committee, VJZ : .1. I>. Ininan, \> . 
Orr, and j. W. Herring; after which it was adopted, an follows: 


' The Trustees of I l»o Tjaptist Female Institute, at Moulton, A!n., moat respectfully 
submit the following as their twelfth roport: The lust report on the affairs of tbo 
Instituto laid before jour venerable body nt its mooting with, tbo Mount Pleasant 
church, in Lawrence county* Ala., in October, I860,, and tho Board now hep loavo 
to refer to that roport as containing a proper statement of tbo interests and condi- 
n'on'of tbo school up to tb:it (fate. Since then there has been but little change. — 
Tup valuable property of the Instituto remains about as it was then, and the nc- 
e-esstty of contributions for its future protection, aro about the same. The roof of 
the building is still insocure, and tho Board must look to the kind and evor ready 
assistance of the Association for tho menus to mend it. Tho sum mentioned in their 
report of last year, is still deemed sufficient. It was then put down at twenty-fivo : 
rloilnrs. This sum is still needed, and still estimated to bo enough. . 

On the l?.th day of December, ISoo, tho Board accepted the proposition of Tbos. r 
M. Peter* and Andrew ,1. Harris, t-> take charge of the Institute school, for the year 
1807. Tho school was oponod under this arrangement, on tbo 14th day of January 
last, and continued until the end of tho past session, in Juno of this year, and not- 
withstanding the tuition fees were greatly reduced, the attendance at tho commence- 
ment of the second session was too small to promise any proup'eot ot remuneration, 
and tho effort was abandoned. Since then thero has boon no school at tho Instituto 
conducted under tho immediate supervision cf tho Board; though Miss Gewin has 
boen permitted to ooouny tho building for a private sehool under hor own manage- 
ment until the Boatd should nerd it ag*in. Notwithstanding tho inability of tho 
Board to keep a school in operation at the Instituto 6ine.9 the end of the war which 
would be oommensurata with tho high and anxious expectation of its benevolent 
founderc, yet they still hope that tho renewal of prosperity in our beloved country 
will not, be pcimitted to take place and leave this important aid to education to 
languish, but that oar school will bo restorod to Us former usefulness and success: 
and the "Board fervently pray if the cry of despair anywheru escapes us, that it shall 
net be heard first among the friend* of learning and piety and from schools. The 
namos of tho members 9t tin Board aro, Thos. M. Peters, President; Darius Lynch, 
Secretary; R. O. Pickotc, Treasurer: and W. A. Gilbert, J. B. Speake, J. Y. Shoe- 
maker, J. 0. Orr, Jnsephus Shackelford, M. W. Mays, C. Gibson, B. F. Walker, M. 
Wert, and Daniel G. Johnson; of these tho terms of Mcnsrs.. Gilbert, Mays, Walker 
and Qiboen oxpire in 18C7. All of which is most respectfully submitted. 

THOS. M.PKTERS, President Board. 

Report ofjConimitten on report of Board of Trustees. We recommend the Board to 
uso their best efforts to procure a competent corps of teachora at as early a day a* 
'' posihlc, and that tbey exert tboir efforts end influence in every possible way to build 
up the character nod supply the wants of the Instituto. 

We recommend the following brethren u. bo e.ppointed on the Board : W. B. Gil- 
bert. M. W. Mays, Cbatles Gibson and B. F. Walker. Report received and adopted. 

W. F. ORR, 
* ;■:.:.• J. W. HERRING. 

The report on Domestic Missions was proaonted, which elicited home 
forcible remarks in its support from Elder K. J. Jennings, C. Gibson, 
J. B. Speake, L. D. Massongale, and tbe Moderator; after which it was 
adopted, as iollows : • 

v Whan we take a survey of tho vast field of destitution within our Association, we 
feci tho importance of praying the Lord o.f tho harvest to send forth more laborers 
into bis viueyard, and wc are convinced from the experience of tbo past, that tho 
present agency plan i* the best wo can probably adopt for tho future, and we re- 
commend that the Kx seutive Board employ at once, an efficient Missionary and 

azcnt whos.> duty it shall be In take lip subscript i.»m sim.I »«**II«ct m-Jli-J* fur 1 1 o 
Domestic Mission cause; and at Fiicb time n* tifry ma* think ji»|H>r. i<> emp ">v 
'■suitable ministers to travel in the diOerenS and respective district' of ton A^ocki- 
tion % Respectfully submitted, ;• 11. J. JENNINGS, Llr.urmnn. 

The committee on Vinanco report as follow s : Missionary fitwi f^m 
various sources, $125 23 ; Minute fund, 354 Go. , Charms Ghv«n> Ui in, 

It should have been montioncd above, that pending the adoption ot lh« 
report of tho Prcs«lont of the Board of Trustees of the J'.apust J-einaJ« 
Instigate, at Moulton, tho following subscription was raised for the pm- 
poso'of repairing the Institute building: W. A. Gilbert, 65, Charles l.rt- 
«on, 55, J. B. Spcake, S5, J. I>., A. M. Stanley, S5, J. N. Ojmi, 
S5, W. F. Orr, £5, J. C. Vincent, £5, Richard Taliaferro, S;>, r lh<>s. Ma*- 
terson, §5, L. J). Marisen^nlo, $5, J. Y. .Shoemaker, 82 50, S. M. Slctnson, 
$2 50, James Gilbert, 82 50, T. Jones, 82 50. J. G. Dillcshan, fc.>. 

Iteport of committee on Sabbath Schools presented as follows : . 

Vour^ommjttoo on tbo subject of Sabbath Schools would i crprctf ully represent 
that it is a gratifying fact that the subject of Sabbath Schools is interesting our 
churches more than usual; we pleased to sec tho churches awaking to tbcir dutv m 
this mutter, and that tliey are organizing schools among them. This is right; mart 
, of our churches, however, are still inactive npoo this subject, and do not seem to 
. roalizn their responsibility to tbo rising generation. It is unnecessary for veur 
committee to argue the importance and utility of Sabbath Schools, or to show tbnt ^ 
it is the duty of christians to encourage them ; esporience has proven" the former, 
and our obligation to our children should bo sufficient to urge us to tho 'a^-W"; Uur 
Savior demands that wo should do all we can to establish his .:uu*o and build up 
his kingdom. Tho Sabbath Sohool is a powerful instrument in eeconiphshing this 
work; your committee is of the opinion that every church should have a Sabbath - 
School. This can be done if the members of our ffcurches, both old and young, 
will but do their dutv. Wo would therefore urge upon all our churches whioh have- 
not dono so, to establish Sabbath Schools, keep tbxtn alive by all the members en- 
gaging in thorn. Wowould recommend as suitable helps to the Sabbath Schools, the 
Child's Delight, published at Macon, Ga., and Kind Words, published at Green- 
ville, S. C. V,V think that every Sabbath School ought to bo supplied with theso 
papers: wo would also state for tho information of the churches, thatSabha.n 
Schools can b* supplied with books hj tho Southern Sabbath School Board, at 
Greenville, S. O., and the Southwestern Publishing Houne. *t M™iphi», lent.., 
Respectfully submitted, JOS. SJlACKJELlfOBD, Ch ». 

The Secretary of the Executive Board presented the:r repoit as follows : 
The Executive Board of the Muscle Shoal- Baptist Affectation would respoct- 
f ullv submit the following as a report of tbo Missionary labor during the p'ict ■}*• 
■ociatimial year. , About tho 15th day of October. 18Gu, the Board held ft-mecting 
to consider a proposal from Ktifer R. J. Jennings, of tho Bear Creek Association, 
who was chosen as Missionary agent and minister for three months with a aalary ot 
$125. on condition that be ernuld ho continued on same terms if hed»:sircd, and his 
success was suoh as to justify the Board in continuing him. Tho result was, th;u uo 
has been continund th* entire year, and we herewith submit a cepv of bis report : 
Preached 115 scrmonp, delivered 94 exhortations, attended 73 prayer meetings, 
aseisted in the Oidination of 4 ministers and 2 deacons, accisttd in K. protracted 
meetings, witnessed 170 conversions, baptized 85 pcrsorp, witnessed 3o boptume, 
raided bv snbt criptieiw for Ormeidie mi-ei'-r.s about $750, collected on ni.'tenp- 

tions >M<'.:*., «©ld b«mks A '-mcirftion to tin: amount of $11 lit I crrit*, gavo book* 
to v'niii^ ministor* to lb • amount of *} 63 matt*. 

li. Mar n '< out into tin- hands >>f our !igent a number of denominational books 
which hud bemi on hand for snvinal voir-, valued at $U 45 cents, $14 50 cent* of 
which he yet has An hind. A'tottt \\\<* In of December, IS66, on receiving an ap- 
plication troin Elder M. A. Vciwr for pernth*s»inn to act »■! Min.ionary in the third 
district, it was assigned to him as » Held of labor, giving him the. pledge* of all 
churches in that district except Hoj»«"w«?ll, in Morgan county, and vvui'.over ho could 
eo fleet, for his salary without any rueuursu on tho Hoard or Association, a copy of 
whoso repoit is hcrouii'.o annexed: 

Engaged etglrt inonthi, preached one bnndrcd and twenty-two sermons, delivered 
fifty-eight cxh jrtalion*, attended tinrty-two prayer meetings, two protracted inoep- 
ing*, b«ptiz >d fortv-oii" person", ordained three deacon 1 ', raised by subucriptiotn 
JjfiVJ 63 coatfl, collected in c:i«h $rl. 

There woro other application* for Missionary nervier, but the limited amount of 
meain at tbc disposal of tho Hoard rendered it impracticable to employ more agent*. 
Considering tho groat success attending our Missionary efforts during this aevoro 
ami trying yens, may wo not reasonably oxpoot groator success in tho future, with 
tho same agents and E«aJ, if wo will increase our contributions in the sam<> propor- 
tion that our crops liavo been increased. W'e have groat cause to bo grateful tor 
tho blessings bestowed upon us this year ns nn Association, and heartily rocommond 
tho continuance of nn Executive Hoard, compound of faithful and competent mem- 
bers aa convenient, nnd effective agents iu accomplishing the good work. 

Respectfully, CliAS. GIBSON, Ch'm. 

f V. G. JOHNSON, Sccrotary. 

On motion, brcthron Darius Lynch and B. P. Walkor were appointed 
on tho J'ixocutivo Board, instead of brethren Johnson and Shackelford, 

Br. C. Gibson offered tho following resolution : Resolved, That this As- 
Rociation tondor their most hearty thanks to the citizens of Moulton and 
ricinity for thoir kind hospitnlity to this body during its session. 

On motion, tbo Association adjourned to meet immediately after scr- 

r > ; ( 

vecs to-night. 

Prayer by the Clerk. 

let pursuant to adjourn merit. Upon motion, Eldor J. Shackelford 
wai requested to print eight hundred copies of those Minutes. 
, A v , this time it was ascertained that the Minute fund iseut jtp by tho 
rhtmhes 'was insufficient, upon which the deficit was immediately made 
up b} the delegate?. 

J'ilJbr It. J. Jennings was appointed to distribute Minutes in tho First 
Distrit% \V. A. Gilbert in the Second, and Elder J. Gunn in tho Third. 

It wis ordered tltat the Clerk be allowed 825 00 for his services. 

Tho Treasurer, Br. I. N. "Owen, made his report, as follows : 

Isaac N. Owen*, Treasurer, 

In accoun: with Muscle Shonls A association, Dr. 

To amount in my biviJi last Association, $88 85 

To amount received of broiher F.. Wise, JO On 

* To amount r*f .i"-«il <>f brnth* 1 .- '« 3. Fuller, 3 00 



$101 85 


\ 1 


(Jr. '■>} Amount r«i«I farj|>riutiu^ Mii.utcr, 

Jtnlunco flae at above-, 

To amount iutorcet cu l\ U Owcu'a he<tuu>t, 

Amount chic Association, « ?' 1 •* 

Br IN Owen was rc-appointod Treasurer of this Awocmtioii. 
'■Upon motiou, the Association adjourned to meet to-morrow, after U*-' 
11 o'clock sermon J at which time wo met, after an interesting .itscuw* 
from Elder J. Gunn, on the way of access to God. A parting hymn km , 
then sung, while tbo Delegates took their leave of each other, some, per- ^ 
baps, for the laut time in this life. •»• »" U J ,'«.#* , 

«. *■ ..•-• 



. | > yaa^jj p j jj H • 






PO. OYFl'E- 

\ RuEaelvlUe- 
1 HuuclviU'e- 

1 RusselviUe. 

Thorn HH»- 
} Kusiclville. 
J Avoca. 





TuscuniW . 



Cedar Plains-